Solemn Assembly Tools

Consecrate the People is an 8-day devotional guide designed to help Christian individuals, churches, and groups prepare themselves for a sacred assembly before their holy God. Though it can be used at other times, it is designed so a pastor can preach on a Sunday to issue a call to a sacred assembly. The booklet helps members prepare (consecrate) themselves during the week. Then the congregation gathers the following Sunday to renew their covenant commitments to Jesus Christ in a time of sacred assembly. Let’s be diligent to prepare lives that will be pleasing offerings to our King Jesus.

Contents include:
• Day 1: Call a Sacred Assembly
• Day 2: Prepare Yourself
• Day 3: Return to Your First Love
• Day 4: Remove the Idols in Your Heart
• Day 5: Humble Yourself and Put Away Pride
• Day 6: Be Holy as God Is Holy
• Day 7: Restore Your Broken Relationships
• Day 8: Renew Your Covenant with God

Consecrate the People: Renewing Our Covenant Commitments to Jesus Christ

Download and print the “Consecrate the People” booklet above for use in helping your church prepare for and celebrate a solemn assembly. The copyright notice permits denominations and other Christian ministries to reproduce and/or translate the booklet for personal or church use. LifeWay Christian Resources has published copies you may purchase in packs of 10 for $4.95 by calling toll free (800) 458-2772 or by ordering online at (The 10-Pack is Item #005354150).

Use the following video clip to call people to consecration.