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Responses to the movie War Room indicate that God is calling His people to prayer, and God’s people are responding with a hunger to learn to pray more effectively and strategically. Developed by Claude King, Prayer Boot Camp is a flexible prayer training experience to provide basic training in prayer and to introduce the weapons of our spiritual warfare. It is not just learning about prayer. It is learning to pray by praying together. The content is based on The Battle Plan for Prayer by Stephen and Alex Kendrick, developers of War Room.

The Prayer Boot Camp utilizes a learning map that guides learning and prayer experiences based on content from The Battle Plan for Prayer.


I’ve developed the learning map, a leader guide, reproducible handouts, a script, and an optional PowerPoint file leaders can use to customize and conduct a Prayer Boot Camp for their groups, churches, ministries, or communities. All the instructions and files you need can be downloaded at on the bottom of this page.

Below are links to three file folders. By clicking the links you can open each folder to see the contents. You may download entire folders, or you may download only those files and folders you need.

One folder is “Prayer Boot Camp Essential Files.” This folder contains all the essential files you will need to prepare for, promote, and conduct a Prayer Boot Camp. It also includes a file with links for ordering The Battle Plan for Prayer and other products you may choose to use in your Prayer Boot Camp. After downloading files, read the Prayer Boot Camp Leader Guide FIRST! (file name: 1_Prayer Boot Camp Leader Guide_3-31-2016.docx)

The other two folders have optional files that are not essential. The Optional Book Samples folder includes samples of The Battle Plan for Prayer (book used in Prayer Boot Camp) & The Battle Plan for Prayer Bible Study (8-week video driven Bible study) books and artwork for their covers. The Video files are larger and you would not want to download them unless you plan to use one or more. You may download individual videos after clicking the link.
Learning Map for a Prayer Camp using Growing Disciples: Pray in Faith as the textbook.

Download printable file: 

 Prayer Camp Learning Map 

Purchase Pray in Faith member book: 

Growing Disciples: Pray in Faith

 by T. W. Hunt and Claude King