Meet Jesus Christ

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  • Could you use a good dose of hope?
  • Do you need a friend you can talk to? One who understands and gives wise counsel?
  • Have you been deeply hurt and need for that wound to be healed?
  • Are you covered with shame or guilt and wish you could be set free?
  • Do you ever think that life ought to be more meaningful and purposeful than you are experiencing?

If so, I want to introduce you to someone who has done those things for me! I want you to meet Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is a central figure in world history who said He came to give us a more abundant life. Yet many know very little about this man and His life. They may have heard His name or seen that He died on a cross; but they do not know about the kindness, humility, and compassion of this gentle, holy man. Meet Jesus Christ tells some of the backstory of this man who has personally impacted hundreds of millions of people through history.

A popular Christmas saying is: “Wise men still seek Him.” This is a book for those who are seeking to know Him and what He can do in their lives. Read the stories of men and women in the Bible who met Jesus. Learn the impact He had on their lives and how they responded to Him. Then consider what He wants to do in and through you. Through questions and instructions you will be invited to interact with the content and consider your own response to Jesus Christ. This book is an introduction to what may be for you a life transforming encounter with the Creator, Redeemer, Savior, Lord of Lords, and King of Kings. 

Do you already know Him and the abundant life He gives? You may want to consider gifting this book to a friend, family member, or coworker. Tell your story of how you met Jesus Christ and what He means to you. Then invite your friend to “Meet Jesus Christ.” Christmas and Easter are special times when you can share the “reason for the season” and help others “Discover the Purpose in His Passion.”

If you have recently placed your faith in Jesus Christ and become a follower of His, I’ve written a little booklet that will help you take the next steps in your following Christ. You can download a copy here:

Week One: Taking Your First Steps as a Follower of Jesus Christ