Print Downloads

The following print resources are available for you to download for personal, group, church, or denominational use. In each case you have permission to download, print, and share for NON-COMMERCIAL purposes. If you have questions, complete the Contact Growing Disciples form on About.

Awaken: A 21-day Prayer Guide and Journal

Awaken is a 21-day prayer guide and journal to guide people in praying for personal and corporate revival and praying for spiritual awakening among those who are yet to believe in Christ. Many have used it to kick off the new year, prepare for a special evangelistic emphasis, prepare for the National Day of Prayer, and other such emphases. I even heard of one church using it for 21 days of corporate prayer meetings that resulted in a church renewal and a number of professions of faith in Christ.

Chinese Awaken: A 21-Day Prayer Guide and Journal

Korean Awaken: A 21-Day Prayer Guide and Journal

Spanish Awaken: A 21-Day Prayer Guide and Journal

Vietnamese Awaken: A 21-Day Prayer Guide and Journal

Consecrate the People: Renewing Our Covenant Commitments to Jesus Christ

This 8-day devotional guide guides a church or group to prepare for a sacred assembly and renew their covenant commitments to their Lord
Jesus Christ. The copyright notice allows you to download this document and reproduce it for personal and church or group use.

Consecrate the People_KOREAN

Meet Jesus Christ: Discover the Purpose in His Passion

Meet Jesus Christ (PDF)

This is a free eBook by Claude V. King. Read the stories of men and women in the Bible who met Jesus Christ. Learn the impact He had on their lives and how they responded to Him. Then consider what He wants to do in and through you. Download your free copy in a PDF format. Tell your own story to friends and invite them to get their own copy, too.

Pentecost Prayer Meetings

Read about practice of Pentecost Prayer Meetings in South Africa from Andrew Murray. Then examine ways your church might practice a similar season of prayer.

Praying Up To Pentecost

Guide your church in praying for a spiritual harvest from Easter Sunday through Pentecost Sunday using this downloadable, reproducible guide.


This personal assessment tool helps an individual evaluate his or her spiritual growth in six disciplines described in The Disciple’s Cross in MasterLife by Avery Willis. The Growing Disciples Series of foundational discipleship resources was developed to assist Christ followers as they grow in these disciplines: Abide in Christ, Live in the Word, Pray in Faith, Fellowship with Believers, Witness to the World, and Minister to Others.


Andrew Murray wrote this book following the 1910 World Missionary Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland. His purpose was first to describe the state of the Home Church that made it utterly unfit to accomplish God’s assignment to make disciples to the ends of the earth and then to recommend a call to repentance, prayer, and a new consecration that would lead to a holiness revival. I believe his description and proposed remedy is just as accurate and needed today as it was over a century ago. This is a digitized edition of the public domain text. The highlighted version below is the same text with selected portions highlighted for a quick summary of his message.


Week One: Taking Your First Steps as a Follower of Jesus Christ



Week One is a 7-day devotional booklet designed to help a new believer establish some fundamental understandings and practices as they begin their new life in Christ. I’ve designed the booklet so a church could give it to people making a decision for Christ with encouragement to “start today.” And I built in a coaching process so they can discuss questions with a more mature believer. Ideally they will move immediately into a connection with a Bible study group and continue growing as a disciple. You have permission to translate and/or reproduce this booklet for non-commercial purposes.