Catalytic Event Part of Transformation

In a church running 70-80 one year prior, God visited Fellowship Baptist Church of Cartersville, Georgia (Bartow County) with a special sense of His presence. Since that Experiencing God Launch Weekend they’ve seen about 110 baptisms. Pastor Jeff Duvall explains: "That was where God began to reveal that He was tired of us playing church or just going through the motions, but He had something real for us." The key to what God is doing? "We’ve stayed on our face before God seeking Him." Jeff challenges his folks to "Brag on Jesus…. The presence of God is in the house!"


God has used the message of Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God to deeply impact individuals, families, and churches. An Experiencing God Weekend is one way churches introduce the message and invite members to experience God as they walk through the Bible study together.