8 Steps Toward Becoming a House of Prayer for the Nations

In my previous two posts I’ve tried to emphasize the importance and necessity of churches becoming houses of prayer for the nations. In these five video clips, I’ll introduce the following 8 steps you may consider using as you seek to become a house of prayer for the nations.

1. Get right with God and one another.
2. Rekindle a first love for Christ, the wounded Savior
3. Experience an intimate and personal love relationship with God in prayer.
4. Be devoted to prayer with God’s people in every setting possible.
5. Make prayer a primary part of your work strategy in every aspect of church life.
6. Pray for one another while together with one another. Ask: “How may I pray for you.”
7. Tell stories and share the testimonies of answered prayer.
8. Pray for God’s assignments to the lost world beginning at home and to the ends of the earth. Then obey the Final Command (Great Commission).

Part 1: Steps 1-3
Part 2: Step 4
Part 3: Step 5
Part 4: Step 6
Part 5: Steps 7-8

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