Isaiah 56:1-8

The Walter Hill Revival

A church that had run about 50 in attendance for 50 years repented of their prayerlessness. God began to bring inactive members back into active fellowship with the body. They began to reach people in their community for Christ and become involved in an international missions partnership. For me, this church was an example of the difference between a “house of prayer for the nations” (Isaiah 56:1-8) and a “den of robbers” (Jeremiah 7:9-11).

Is your church a den of thieves or a house of prayer?

How could God’s people miss what should have been the greatest revival in all of history? God’s people were so disoriented to God that when God Himself (in the person of Jesus Christ) came to lead the revival, they rejected Him and His message. Jesus explained that they were supposed to be a house of prayer, but they had become a den of thieves and robbers. Inspired by a message by Henry Blackaby on Luke 19:41-45, I’ve contrasted a house of prayer for the nations (described in Isaiah 56:1-8) and a den of robbers (described in Jeremiah 7:9-11). Lest we…

8 Steps for Developing Prayerful Dependence in Your Church

In this video Sergio Arce and I describe the nature and characteristics of a praying church and steps you can take toward developing prayerful dependence (a prayer culture) in your church. God’s Definition of a House of Prayer for the Nations: Isaiah 56:1-8 A place where God’s people keep His covenant and do what is right (vv. 1-6) A place where God’s people love, worship, and serve the Lord (v. 6) A place of God-given joy (v. 7) A place where offerings and sacrifices are accepted (v. 7) (see Matt. 5:23-24, Mark 11:25) A place where God’s people have a…