The Discipleship Reserve Corps

The Discipleship Reserve Corps from Claude V King on Vimeo.


Does your church need additional leaders to help make fully devoted followers of Christ among your membership? Then call up the "Discipleship Reserve Corps." Seek out and identify people who have been equipped in the past through such discipleship processes as MasterLife by Avery Willis.


Who are the members in your church who have already been equipped to help others grow in their walk with the Lord. I’d suggest you look for…

People in your church who may have been equipped for discipling others might include:

1. MasterLife Alumni

2. Former group leaders for such discipleship courses as Experiencing God, Disciple’s Prayer Life, Growing Disciples: The Call to Follow Christ, or The Mind of Christ

3. Navigators who’ve been trained using 2:7 Series

4. Other university campus ministry "grads" who’ve been equipped for outreach and discipleship

4. Believers who’ve been personally discipled by a pastor, youth minister, college pastor, or other fellow believer

5. Believers who’ve faithfully participated in discipleship training programs

6. Youth With a Mission grads who’ve been through a Discipleship Training School

7. Sunday School and other small group leaders

8. Retired pastors, church staff members, missionaries, chaplains, Bible college professors …


AND the list can go on. Why not start a dialog with those in your church who are maturing in their faith and find out how they have grown in their discipleship? Begin to pray with this discipleship reserve corps about what God would have your church do to help your members pursue Christlikeness.


For Comments: Who are other groups of people you would add to the potential discipleship reserve corps?