3 Ways to Follow Christ

Christ-Centered Following from Claude V King on Vimeo.


Three approaches to following Christ are common today.


1. The human-centered approach like that of the Sadducees uses human reasoning and personal experience as the primary guiding principles.


2. The Scripture-centered approach like that of the Pharisees is a legalistic practice of religion without a vibrant relationship to the Lord.


3. A Christ-centered approach to following includes a diligent study of the Scriptures plus taking the next step into a personal relationship with Christ where the Holy Spirit guides the application of Scripture to a real and genuine Christian discipleship.


Which of these three is your primary approach to following Christ? Which is most common in your church?

Want to know more? See Growing Disciples: The Call to Follow Christ. You can download a free sample that has a couple of days of devotions about following Christ. The three approaches are dealt with in another of the devotions.