2 Options for Being “Filled with the Spirit”

Parable of Two Containers from Claude V King on Vimeo.


Jesus commanded His first disciples to wait in the city until they were filled with His Holy Spirit power. We, too, must be filled with His power for a fruitful life. What kind of life do you bring to the Lord for filling? You have a choice.


Option 1: You can bring a life filled with sin, impurities, idols of the heart, broken relationships, and other "stuff" OR


Option 2: You can bring a life to Him for filling that has been cleansed of sin, that has put away idols of the heart and returned to your first love for Christ, that has reconcilled broken relationships — a life that is dead to self and ready for the fulness of Christ’s Spirit.


One reason so many unbelievers don’t want to know the Lord we serve is that we choose option 1. They can’t see any difference in our lives and their own. Only when we are so dead to self and filled with the Spirit of Christ will the watching world see the real difference Christ can make in a life. Let’s choose and encourage others to choose option 2 and show Christ to a watching world.