How clean is your water jug?

The Parable of the Water Jug from Claude V King on Vimeo.


When people take a look at your "water jug," do they see the Living Water in you and want to drink deeply, or do they turn away because they are not that thirsty?


My dad grew up on a farm. One summer he went to help a neighbor plow his fields to prepare for planting his crops. It was a hot and humid day as he walked behind the mule team and the plow. Dripping with sweat he got very thirsty under the blazing summer sun. Dad took a break to get a drink of water.


The farmer spit out his tobacco juice and wiped his chin. Then he told my dad there was a water jug over under the tree in the shade. When my dad picked up the dusty glass jug, he could see green slime growing on the inside. With this sight of a dirty jug and thinking of the farmers chewing tobacco, my dad decided he wasnt that thirsty and returned to his plowing.


As you pray and seek to reach out to those in your circles of influence, your life will be like a water jug. People who need Jesus Christ as Savior are thirsting for the Living Water. When they look at Christ through your glass-jug life, will they be thirsty enough to drink? Will they see the pure, clean Water of Life and decide to drink deeply. Or will they see impurities and uncleanness that cause them to put off a decision for Jesus Christ? How clean is your water jug?