4 Video Parables for Christian Living

Enjoy and share 4 challenging video parables about living a fruitful Christian life: Parables of the Water Jug, Two Containers, the PVC Pipe, and the Leaning Tower. Use them as illustrations or to stimulate small-group discussion.

Parable of the Water Jug

When people take a look at your “water jug,” do they see the Living Water in you and want to drink deeply, or do they turn away because they are not that thirsty?

Parable of Two Containers

Jesus commanded His first disciples to wait in the city until they were filled with His Holy Spirit power. We, too, must be filled with Him and His power for a fruitful life. What kind of life do you bring to the Lord for filling? You have a choice.

Parable of the PVC Pipe

The Christian’s life can be compared to a PVC pipe. God wants us connected to Him and available so His Living Water flows through us to impact the people we are connected to through our relationships.

Parable of the Leaning Tower

When God’s people have departed from Him, they may not realize it if they are looking at everybody else or other churches. Only when they examine themselves by God’s plumb line will they see the magnitude of their departure. The solution in returning is to correct our love relationship with the Lord so that we will choose to align our lives with His wishes and plans. The Leaning Tower in Pisa, Italy, is a visual illustration of the biblical message in Amos 7:7-8 about God’s plumb line along side His people.