One Free Tool for New Christians

Provide new Christians with a daily devotional guide for their first week in following Jesus Christ.

In 2011 I designed a booklet so a church could give it to people making a decision for Christ with encouragement to “start today.” I built in a coaching process so new believers can develop and discuss questions with a more mature believer. Ideally they immediately will move into a connection with an ongoing Bible study group and continue growing as a disciple.

LifeWay granted permission for me to share this freely. The copyright notice grants rights to translate and/or reproduce for non-commercial purposes.

The Daily Devotionals include:

Day 1: Understanding this New Life
Day 2: Spend Time with God Daily
Day 3: Learn about God, His Will & Ways
Day 4: Live in Victory
Day 5: Connect with the Body
Day 6: Tell Your Story
Day 7: Plan and Take Next Steps