Praying in Agreement

Jesus gave us a wonderful promise for the power of prayers of agreement in Matthew 18:19-20. What kind of praying meets God’s standards for such effective prayers? When we pray together, our greatest need is to come to the place where we agree together with what God desires to do–we pray according to His will. For more on this message see the following course: Growing Disciples: Pray in Faith (by T. W. Hunt and Claude King)

Establishing a Core Curriculum for Disciple Making

Just as universities require a core curriculum for a particular degree program, churches need to establish a core curriculum for disciples. They may offer many courses of study to appeal to personal interests of members, but disciples of Jesus Christ need to be trained and equipped in the essentials of faith and practice. If your church does not have an established foundational curriculum, I’d like to recommend a set of resources for your consideration. Week One: Taking Your First Steps as a Follower of Jesus Christ Growing Disciples Series Growing Disciples: The Call to Follow Christ (by Claude King) Growing Disciples:…