Andrew Murray

6 Words (+videos) to Help You Abide in Christ

Abiding in Christ is a central discipline for the whole Christian life as a disciple. I’ve chosen the following 6 words (followed by video clips) to help you grow in your abiding relationship with Jesus Christ your Lord. Relationship:¬†Abide in Christ is the first and most important discipline in The Disciple’s Cross. Your relationship with Christ is described by Him in His Parable of the True Vine in John 15. Without this saving relationship with Jesus Christ none of the other disciplines have any eternal value for your life. Surrender:¬†Full surrender to Christ as Lord is an essential ingredient for…

FREE Andrew Murray Book: The State of the Church

Andrew Murray published The State of the Church following the 1910 World Missionary Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland. His description of the low spiritual condition of the church seems very contemporary with the conditions today. His recommendations of biblical remedies are just as needed today. Download a free copy of the text or choose the one in which I’ve highlighted “quotable quotes”: The State of the Church by Andrew Murray The State of the Church by Andrew Murray with selected highlights