Pray in Faith

Praying in Agreement

Jesus gave us a wonderful promise for the power of prayers of agreement in Matthew 18:19-20. What kind of praying meets God’s standards for such effective prayers? When we pray together, our greatest need is to come to the place where we agree together with what God desires to do–we pray according to His will. For more on this message see the following course: Growing Disciples: Pray in Faith (by T. W. Hunt and Claude King)

One Texas Church: Revival, Prayer, and Spiritual Harvest

In 1995 God revived His people at First Baptist Church of Wellington, Texas. They gave special emphasis to prayer during the spring of the year and focused their prayers on the lost people in their community. They prayed for 50 days between Easter and Pentecost Sunday and held 10 days of “Pentecost Prayer Meetings” following a model from South Africa. God took this revived and praying church to bring in a significant spiritual harvest during the coming months. They were willing to pay the price of returning to the Lord and experienced the fruit of obedience to Him. For a…